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Sunday Worship Services

9.30am English Language

12.30 Fijian Language 



Grantham Hts. Uniting Church

Cnr Nipigon Road &
MacKenzie Boulevard
Seven Hills NSW


A child’s birth is a wonderful gift. A new beginning of a time of great celebration. In our church we have a beautiful service of 

 “Thanksgiving for the gift of a Child” for those who simply want

 to say thank you to God for their child.

We offer the celebration of Baptism for all ages, infant, child, or adult.

All are welcome into the family of Christ. By bringing their children for baptism, parents not only give thanks, but they also express their desire

to bring their child up in the Christian faith within the life of the

community of Christ’s church.

Adult baptism is offered to those who have come to know Jesus Christ

as their Lord and Saviour, and want to declare it publicly. It is about a new beginning in a relationship with God and the Church.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to speak with our

Minister, via our office phone number 02 9831 4121. 

To start the process of, you are invited to download & complete the Application Form for Baptism found just below, and forward

it back via our email at your convenience.​

Join us each Sunday Morning for our

Regular Sunday Service     Starts at 9.30 am

Cnr Nipigon Road &
MacKenzie Boulevard
Seven Hills NSW


​In previous years, Grantham Heights Uniting Church had an active youth program, with meetings held during the regular 9:30 AM Sunday service and frequent nightly meetups at the church for bible studies and discussions. In the last few years, members of the youth slowly dispersed amongst the community and moved on to other churches in the area.

Currently, there are no concrete youth programs, groups or services in place at Grantham, aside from our kids church program for under 12s, but our previous history of a time when many young people were present at Grantham shows potential for regrowth.

We welcome anyone who has youth leadership skills or an inclination to help attract and grow young Christians within this local community. Youth is a particular area in which Grantham Heights longs to grow, so any assistance and guidance in this process will be a tremendous help.

Rev Dr Raymond Joso (2).jpg
Rev Dr Raymond Joso
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