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Grantham Heights Uniting Church offers many programs for members of the community.

The groups associated below are the Uniting Church’s own groups formed for giving outreach to the community.

Kids Church

Kids Church operates on Sunday mornings during the second half of the worship service which starts at 9.30am.


We meet during school terms, commencing on the first Sunday after School resumes and our last day is on the Sunday prior to the end of the school term.


Children of school age [for example, between 5 years and up until high school age, such as 11 or 12] are catered for with activities like bible stories, games and craft.

Enquiries are welcome for older children and while there is no current youth programme, one is planned for the future. If you have any enquiries or questions, contact the church via their e-mail.

Groups at GHUC

Usually, a number of groups make use of the church’s facilities for their own activities.


Due to COVID most groups have not re-established operation. 

Watch this space for news of new groups or previous groups re-establishing themselves.


Notate that by choice, some of these groups do not  form a part of the church and some members have their own faiths or church affiliations elsewhere.

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